Making the Case for Better Productivity

Earlier this summer, a group of key players in the facilities management industry came together to launch a new think tank aimed at raising the profile of facilities management as a driver of business performance. Led by the likes of the BIFM and Crown Estates, The Stoddart Review was set up as an open forum […]

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Could Smart Technology Cut Your Heating and Cooling Costs?

As the cost of electricity and gas continues to rise, facilities are under pressure to offer improved energy efficiency. A huge amount of money goes into heating and cooling, and the cost of power and fuel continues to chip away at your bottom line. Many home owners are already using smart technology in order to […]

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Is Your WiFi in Need of a Boost?

WiFi networks are now a critical consideration in a modern business or  dwelling, and technology is evolving at a rapid rate. Even where mobile phone signals are relatively strong, your clients and residents will still expect robust WiFi connectivity. Despite being technically standards compliant, many WiFi networks fail to live up to their intended purpose. […]

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Red Rock FM Awarded Best Facilities Management Company

We’re delighted to announce that last Thursday, the 19th May, Red Rock Facilities Management were awarded Best Facilities Management Company at the Grafters Awards.  Jason Burke, Partner and John Thornley, Managing Director attended the awards dinner in Manchester City Centre and were delighted that to be announced as winner of the category. Jason Burke, Partner, commented: […]

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Why All the Fuss About LED Lighting?

LEDs are all the rage in interior design, mainly thanks to their low cost. These tiny bulbs emit unbelievably strong light that is directional yet highly versatile. The beauty of LEDs is that they can be retro-fitted into practically any location, without changing any other hardware. They can emit light in a variety of colours, […]

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Could Your Business Benefit from EV Charging?

Electric vehicles have long been the subject of ridicule and scepticism, but the tide is slowly turning against the petrol and diesel engine. There are now more than 50,000 plug-in cars operating in the UK, and well over 3,000 plug in vans. Consumers can choose from 38 different plug-in vehicles, according to figures from Next […]

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