5 Things to Do If Your Property Is Flooded

Experiencing a flood at your business premises can be a devastating event, with costly repair fees and the potential to shut down your operations for weeks or even months. In the worst case, a business may need to move property completely while repairs are undertaken. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer a flood, there […]

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Why Should I Worry About Japanese Knotweed?

Japanese knotweed is an ornamental perennial plant that was imported into the UK in the mid-1800s. It is now classified as an invasive plant in many countries. The plant has hollow stems with pronounced nodes, giving it a similar appearance to bamboo. However, knotweed isn’t related to bamboo and is a closer relative to buckwheat. […]

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Landlords: Why is Mould Growing on Your Walls & What Are You Responsible For?

If you lease a property to tenants, it is often your responsibility or that of your facility management  to ensure any building defects are identified and dealt with. One of the most common problems is mould, which, if left untended, can raise health risks for tenants and cause severe damage requiring expensive renovations. Here, we’ll […]

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Plants A Lot: Is China’s ‘Forest City’ the Shape of Workplaces to Come?

  Reports that China has started construction on what is being dubbed the world’s first ‘forest city’ make interesting reading for anyone in the property industry. The plan to build a new town for 30,000 residents is in itself hardly noteworthy, such is the speed of urban development in China. But what makes the Liuzhou project […]

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Staying on Top of your Fire Risk Assessments

The terrible events at Grenfell Towers in London has brought fire safety into sharp focus, reminding us all of the devastating consequences property fires can have. While particular attention has fallen on the testing and classification of building materials in the wake of this tragic incident, it is also a timely reminder of the importance […]

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Five Ways Effective Facilities Management Can Boost Worker Productivity

The links between workplace environment and productivity are hardly news. Even back amongst the grime and squalor of the 19th century, the more enlightened factory owners realised that cramped, poorly lit, poorly ventilated, cold and dangerous working conditions hit them in the pocket, as miserable and sick staff could not work effectively. And yet this […]

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