How Smart Systems Can Boost Premises Security

There is a lot of talk about the Internet of Things, about how the networking of so-called Smart devices, everything from electrical lights to washing machines, is transforming our daily lives. In facilities management, smart systems are certainly having an impact. Automated digital management of heating and electrical systems is helping to cut waste, saving […]

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Why Third Party Management Makes Sound Business Sense

With the seeds of economic recovery still slow to take root, landlords and property owners are heading into another winter with cost reduction still very much front of mind. In these straitened times, property management contracts understandably come under scrutiny. Businesses of all types seek to protect themselves against future uncertainty by reducing operational costs, […]

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5 Tips for Managing Commercial Service Charges

Levying service charges can be one of the most complex, and occasionally controversial, aspects of owning a commercial property. Service charges represent a major source of income for landlords, with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) estimating it to be worth around £6 billion a year. It is also an unregulated industry, which is […]

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How Drone Technology Could Benefit Facilities Management

Drone flying has become something of a ‘buzz’ hobby in recent times. The small, unmanned remote controlled flying machines have become a familiar site in parks and in open land around the country. They have attracted some controversy, too, with privacy concerns raised over the cameras many drones have mounted on them. And they have […]

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Making the Case for Better Productivity

Earlier this summer, a group of key players in the facilities management industry came together to launch a new think tank aimed at raising the profile of facilities management as a driver of business performance. Led by the likes of the BIFM and Crown Estates, The Stoddart Review was set up as an open forum […]

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Could Smart Technology Cut Your Heating and Cooling Costs?

As the cost of electricity and gas continues to rise, facilities are under pressure to offer improved energy efficiency. A huge amount of money goes into heating and cooling, and the cost of power and fuel continues to chip away at your bottom line. Many home owners are already using smart technology in order to […]

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