How Drone Technology Could Benefit Facilities Management

Drone flying has become something of a ‘buzz’ hobby in recent times. The small, unmanned remote controlled flying machines have become a familiar site in parks and in open land around the country.

They have attracted some controversy, too, with privacy concerns raised over the cameras many drones have mounted on them. And they have hit the headlines for uses as diverse as gathering military intelligence in combat zones to being trialled by Amazon as a 21st Century delivery vehicle.

Drone use in business is on the rise, too. According to a recent survey by drone retailer Drones Direct UK, 14 per cent of drone users have used drones for work purposes. And the property industry is leading the way in adopting drone technology for business uses, with 12 per cent of construction, trades and property management firms reporting using them.

So what benefits could drones bring to Facilities Management?

Aerial Surveying

When carrying out a property survey, it is often desirable to get a plan view from above. This helps with mapping out whole sites precisely, especially if they are large, as well as with carrying out inspections of roofs and chimneys etc. In the past, obtaining aerial photographs was a costly business which involved hiring out an aircraft. Drones provide a cost-effective solution, providing high-powered digital imaging and even real-time video options.


Surveying unstable or contaminated sites poses considerable health and safety risks, with precautions for the surveying team adding complexity and costs. Moreover, falls from height continue to account for half of all deaths in the workplace in the UK. Drones offer the potential to conduct unmanned surveys at height or of hazardous sites, using digital imaging or even streaming live video to computer screen, as the survey team works safely offsite.


Aerial photographs look great, and add something extra to a brochure or web page. Photographs add details to the scale and layout of a site which maps and plans cannot replicate. Such is the power of digital technology, drone-mounted cameras are capable of taking pictures in stunning definition, and with most modern drones capable of flying above 400 feet, you are guaranteed to get fantastic whole-site shots.


Accessing high places to check for leaks, damage and defects is never straightforward as erecting scaffolding or climbing rigs takes time. Drone-mounted digital cameras can easily identify physical signs of deterioration on the outside of roofs and high points on buildings.

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How Drone Technology Could Benefit Facilities Management

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