What Do I Need to Do to Protect My Tenants from Asbestos?

  All commercial landlords have a legal duty to ensure that tenants in their properties are protected from the risks of asbestos exposure. The obligations include taking reasonable steps to ascertain whether or not there are any asbestos-containing materials within a building, which usually involves having an asbestos survey carried out. If asbestos is discovered, […]

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Tenants: How Can You Improve Facilities Management?

  Whether you run a business from a multi-tenant office block or live in a residential apartment building, the experience of sharing property with sometimes large numbers of other people is commonplace. Tenants in multiple occupation buildings understand that they have certain responsibilities to uphold, such as paying rent on time and paying service charges […]

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How Lateral Thinking Can Solve Hidden Property Problems

When it comes to identifying and resolving property issues, it would be great if there was always a straightforward and obvious answer. Sadly, real life just isn’t like that, and it often takes a good deal of creative and lateral thought to come up with solutions to the more intractable problems you might face. The […]

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Can Workplace Layout Affect Staff Productivity?

Productivity is a prime concern for many a business owner – especially in the UK, where to everyone’s chagrin, per capita productivity lags behind most of our developed economy competitors. Solving the productivity puzzle has become a preoccupation of many a business leader and policy maker. But where does the secret to better productivity lie? […]

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Why Should I Install LED Lighting?

  LEDs have been brightening up the lighting market for the past few years. But what is it that makes LED lighting an improvement on traditional incandescent or CFL bulbs? Traditional incandescent bulbs pass electricity through a filament (a thin piece of wire) to produce light, whereas LEDs produce their light by passing electricity through […]

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Why Do I Need a Legionella Survey?

Legionella is a bacteria which is capable of causing a pneumonia-like illness called Legionnaires’ Disease. Although antibiotics can be used to treat most people suffering from the disease, it can be life-threatening if proper medical attention is not sought out. A more mild illness called Pontiac Fever can also be caused by the legionella bacteria. […]

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